Climb On At Phang Nga

Just your hands and feet, and some gear is all you require to conquer the great limestone routes on offer in the Phang Nga province in Thailand. You can get bolted routes and free routes for whatever your skill level is, be it a simple 5a or a 8c for those who live their lives only to climb.

There is a thrill in climbing that can only be felt if your try it. There are times when your hands and feet hurt to kill and yet as you hug the wall trying to keep your hold on it the only thought going through your head is to find the next hold. And if the scenery on offer is that of the sea and the coral reef below those hands and feet really don’t have much to complain about.

Of course there are other things to be done as well. Like caving. You walk, you crawl, you slither, you hold your breadth and squeeze in your stomach as you try to fit in through a crack that you can’t possibly get through. But you do. Then you start again only this time you walk, crawl and slither through water. Imagine the thrill. If ever in your life you want to feel like Indiana Jones then this is it.