Dive with the Great White Sharks

Do you remember the first time you saw the film “Jaws”? I do. Were you terrified? I was. Now you can face that fear in the flesh and live to tell all about it. Welcome to the world of cage diving in South Africa. You can witness these great predators of the ocean, capable of sniffing out blood from more than a kilometre away, involved in a feeding frenzy right next to you.

With rows and rows of teeth that have the capability of always growing back, these magnificent creatures have always been feared. However, when you dive with them you will learn that they need to be respected more than feared. They may occasionally brush their tail fins against the cage or in a dramatic moment, that is sure to set the adrenaline flowing, they may even come close enough for an eye to eye stare competition. Rest assured you shall be safe for these ferocious predators are also shy.

They are surface feeders and you will be able to get great pictures of them devouring the tuna heads that are thrown into the water as snacks. Harden your heart, bring a water proof camera and come visit the greatest predator on earth.