Dogging It To The North Pole

Close your eyes and imagine the earth floating below you. Can you see the top of the earth, the North Pole, the land that Santa calls home? Now you don’t just have to imagine it, you can really be there. You can stand at the geographical North Pole of the earth, at the original 90∘.

A trip to the North Pole is truly a once in a life time adventure, a ride of a lifetime. And what a ride it will be when you zoom towards the North Pole on a sleigh harnessed to a pack of Huskies. For as far as the eyes can see you are surrounded by mammoth glaciers, snow laden mountains and deceptively bobbing icebergs.

What it feels like to be at the North Pole? I will leave that to you to imagine. The feeling is too sublime for me to mar it with mere words. But rest assured once you reach there and share your polar experience with other enthusiasts, many of who may have trekked it there, you will realise that what you have achieved is no ordinary feat. It takes great courage to even be able to say, “I’m going to the North Pole.”