Walk The Great Dragon

The Great Wall of China is a shining example of human excellence on earth. Built over 18 centuries and traversing over 1,500 miles (2,414 km) this colossal wall is listed among the seven wonders of the world.

Starting from the Yellow Sea and ending at the Gobi Desert (or the other way round, depending on where you are standing) walking the Great Wall takes you across a varied landscape all of which are breathtaking in their own sphere.

Some sections of the wall are well maintained and offer a host of activities including zip lines and gondola rides. Other sections are in ruins. This is where the adventure and thrill comes in. Walking along these rambling sections that have sheer drops at some areas and near vertical climbs on others, while camping out on the battlement itself or on the Chinese side of the wall does set the heart racing.

A no-trace policy is followed in these sections to maintain the essence of the Wall as each step aids in furthering its destruction. A further sense of thrill comes from the fact that Mongolia lies on the other side of the Wall so a casual stroll might mean that you end up as a pin cushion.