Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach

There is heaven and there is paradise, then there is something even more sublime that is a combination of both. That is what you get when you step onto the Cavelossim Beach in south Goa.

Hidden away from the throngs that flock to the costal state of Goa this beach offers what the seasoned traveller looks for. Beauty beyond compare and a overwhelming sense that you could be the only person on earth to have witnessed the hidden secrets of the earth.

Calm prevails on your senses and as you walk along the pristine shore line picking sea shells you feel the exhilaration and awe that we mostly feel only as children where everything in the world is a wonder to behold. Breathtaking views of the River Sal, soft sand under your feet and the soothing sound of the ocean completes the sensory pleasure of the visitor.

Come be at peace, come find your inner child and find harmony within your body and soul. Come and ascend into paradise.