Talasari Beach

Talasari Beach

What can one say about a beach whose name literally means Palm trees in rows? The Talasari Beach in the Indian state of Odisha is a hidden wonder of the country. It offers not just the sun, sand and breathtaking views but also several other pleasant surprises.

A brimming stream runs across the beach. When she is in full bloom you will have to take a boat to get across her and when she is not you can walk across her waters. The beach presents surreal views of both the sun rise and the sun set. Along with its fascinating backwaters that need to be crossed by ferry to get to the sea.

The calm shore line gives you the freedom to explore the water here any time of the day of night. Peaceful tropical weather means that the beach is accessible throughout the year so you don’t have to wait for the weather to plan your perfect beach holiday.

Let the winds here cascade through your hair as you live in luxury away from prying eyes and discover a whole new meaning of the word wondrous. It may be deceptive and revealing, it has calm waters and windy shores it is a wonder waiting to be discovered by your eyes.