Bike Touring

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Bike touring in India: The media is not circulating the positive stories about India these days! Agreed we have troubles in our society, who doesn’t! Life moves on and so should we. Beind in India can be overwhelming if you are visiting for the first time, but believe me, you will fall in love with her before you leave and yearn to come back soon.

India’s the sort of place that you have to work at to stay in one piece emotionally, but if you do, it rewards you tenfold in culture, experience and perhaps the best of all, the unexpected. In a word, it’s worth it.

If you long for adventure and excitement, biking in India can be delightful, thrilling and memorable. There are so many places in India where you can go on a bike tour. Explore the cultural riches of Pondicherry in South India, the serene beauty and calmness in the mountains up North, ride through the bygone era of the Gentleman Planter in Coorg, tread the beaten tracks in the Himalayan base camps to the remote villages in the east.

Some important things to keep in mind before planning the bike tour

Get yourself insured- It is always better to be safe than sorry! Never take any chances!
Keep an eye on the fellow riders on the road, they could be walking on foot, riding a cycle rickshaw, a bullock cart, jeep or another big vehicle. They have the tendency to come un announced from a corner you would not be expecting..
Be safe and enjoy the ride in India. There is so much to see and do when you hit the road.