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Gourmet/ Wine tours/ Gastronomic Delight- Experience the culinary heritage.

  • Indulge in the largest selection of Whiskys in the World

    Devil’s Place, as the Waldhaus am see’s exclusive whisky bar is called, makes the heart of every whisky lover beat faster! With 2,500 different kinds of whisky, this is the largest selection in the world.

  • Culinary Tours Turkey

    A culinary heritage that goes back more than a millenia, and where partaking of a communal meal means more than just stuffing your face but rather is a symbol of social order established on honour and discipline

  • Cuisine of America

    It’s big, it’s bold and boy does the world love its food! Talking about the USA here folks. Over the centuries (not that many, just the last two) many have argued about the authenticity of “American” cuisine.

  • Mexico Culinary Tours

    When a culture has been around for as long as the one in Mexico you can be sure that if nothing else the people sure can cook.

  • China Gourmet Tour

    If any ethnic cuisine can be said to have been warmly welcomed into other lands with open hearts and tummies its the Chinese cuisine.

  • Thai Culinary Tour

    Life it is said, is all about balance, finding it and achieving it. Thai cuisine is one that strives towards achieving this balance

  • Italy Culinary Tour

    No matter where in the world you go if you speak the words pasta, pizza, spaghetti

  • French wine and gourmet tours

    When it comes to food and wine one culture sits far ahead with their plates and wines

  • Spanish Cuisine - Gourmet and wine tours in Spain

    When I think of the word “Spanish” the first few things that come to my mind are ‘passion’, ‘sensuality’ and ‘pure