China Gourmet Tour

孔子呼籲所有美食家 (Confucius Calling All Foodies)


China Gourmet Tour- If any ethnic cuisine can be said to have been warmly welcomed into other lands with open hearts and tummies its the Chinese cuisine. No matter where in the world you go the little dim sums, fried rice and noodles will follow you. It might be a vendor with a cart on the road side, a small eatery around the corner from your home or a posh restaurant in an upscale neighbourhood. Chinese food can be found everywhere and it is relished with gusto.

Many styles and flavours can be found in this beloved of cuisines, from Szechuan to Anhui, Lu to Fujian and many others besides. Some favour the use of garlic and shallots, others fish and other sea food, while some lean towards poultry. Always present though is the rice and noodles.

The more one says about Chinese cuisine the less it is. There is something for everybody in its repertoire of dishes. Certainly one country has taken to it like it belonged there and that is India. A whole cuisine called Indian-Chinese has emerged that has become just as popular around the world.

But there is a serene charm to the original Chinese food that can only truly be understood in China itself. The only way for me to truly express the greatness of this ancient cuisine is to refer to a Chinese proverb, “Enjoy yourself. Its later than you think.”