Mexico Culinary Tours

Lo Que Se Está Cocinando En Mexico – What’s Cooking In Mexico.


Mexico Culinary Tours – When a culture has been around for as long as the one in Mexico you can be sure that if nothing else the people sure can cook. Not only can they cook they have also perfected their culinary skills down to an art. There was a time when the local Mexican cuisine had no mention whatsoever of cheese, poultry or any other kinds of meat. However, all that changed with the advent of the Spanish.

Now the tortillas, enchiladas and tamales can be savoured with a host of fillings. On thing that hasn’t changed over the years is that corn still remains the base of all dishes. Topped with chillies, beans, avocado, cilantro and a host of other herbs and fruits Mexican cuisine has a true distinction of being unique.

Mention must be made of the great cacao tree. The tree that gave us chocolate. Yes, you read it right, chocolate the beloved of one and all. The Mayans were drinking chocolate and cultivating it while the rest of the world was still in diapers. They still use this most delicious of ingredients in many of their dishes and when combined with vanilla and chillies this humble bean can bring any civilisation to its knees.

I could go on but I would want to offend my dear friend tequila. The wonders of which can be heard far and wide. In Mexico only five states can boast the rights to legally produce tequila. Mexico even owns the rights to the word tequila.

Come and be enchanted by the tequila sunrise.

Mexico Culinary Tours are much more than a cooking school vacation. The culinary tour allows you to transport the rich culinary heritage to your own kitchen after you have attended the fascinating day trips to nearby areas in Mexico.