Thai Culinary Tour


Thai Culinary Tour (Harmony From Chaos)

Life it is said, is all about balance, finding it and achieving it. Thai cuisine is one that strives towards achieving this balance. Any normal Thai dish or the over all meal will incorporate a balance of all five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. To experience all the fie tastes, you need to take Thai Culinary Tour with Pick Your Trip.

This balance is often accompanied and achieved with a host spices and ingredients which are complex in nature yet produce a smooth blend. For many Westerners this blend of complex ingredients and tastes is difficult to understand as the western cuisine focuses on simplicity in its ingredients and many never have more than seven or eight in a dish. However, for the Thai people the complexity of a dish is what gives it character.

But this cuisine has managed to find a way to appease the taste buds of people all over the world and is now often quoted by people as being one of their favourite ethnic cuisines.

Thai cuisine like many others in the world differs from region to region with regards to how many and which particular ingredients go into a dish. The basic elements of a dish do, however, remain the same.

If spice is the way of your life then nothing beats the Thai red and green curries. These curries derive their names from the type of chili that makes the base of the curry paste. And believe me when I say that hot is really hot here. But fret not for there wouldn’t be balance if it were only spicy so there are always other components in the meal that will help temper the over all taste left in your mouth.

Leaving what we know of the main stream Thai cuisine let us venture into that side ally were only the most adventurous outsiders dare to open their mouths.

Here away from the traditional yet for the Thai just as traditional are hundreds of vendors selling the local fare. From cockroaches to scorpions, lizards to caterpillars all of earth’s critters are up on the menu as tasty snacks.

Might you be tempted to try?