Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you their arms.

Maldives is located in the middle of Indian Ocean, 670 km/416 miles South-West of Sri Lanka. The Island archipelago comprises of 1190 islands, 202 of which are inhabited. Maldives is divided into 19 Administrative regions called Atolls. The Capital Island Male’ is somewhat in the middle of the Country and there are tourist resorts in 9 Atolls. South and North Male’ Atoll, South and North Ari Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll, Baa Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll and Seenu Atoll.

Maldives Guide:
Land Area: 1,190 Islands with a land area of 115 square miles (298 sq. km).
Sea Area: Approx. 41,500 square miles (107,500 sq. km)

Formation and Geographical Location
The Maldives lies in two rows of atolls in the Indian Ocean, just across the equator. The country is made up of 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls,
spread over 90,000 square kilometers. These atolls structures are formed upon a sharp ridge rising from the ocean, making way for their secluded uniqueness.

Each atoll in the Maldives is made of a coral reef encircling a lagoon, with deep channels dividing the reef ring. A string of islands take their places among this atoll ring;
encircling the island lagoon. The reefs of the islands, alive with countless types of underwater creatures and vibrant corals, protect the islands from wind and wave action
of the surrounding vast oceans. This unique structure of reefs and channels makes navigation almost impossible for the passer-by without sufficient information about these waters

Ninety-nine percent of the Maldives is made up of sea. The people of the islands are widely dispersed across the atolls, with about 200 inhabited islands. About 90 islands
are developed as tourist resort and the rest are uninhabited or used for agriculture and other livelihood purposes

Political Status: Since 1965, Maldives is an Independent Republic, electing Democratically the Parliament. The President is the Head of the Government, elected every 5 years

Capital : MalĂ© – Male’ the Capital Island envelopes an area of 1.77 sq.kms.

Maldives Standard Time: +5 hrs GMT ( 5 hours ahead of GMT )

Religion: 100% Sunni Muslim – Maldives is perhaps the only Country with a 100% Muslim population. Islam was introduced around A.D.800, and the moderate form practiced in
Maldives has remained virtually unchanged.

Weather & Climate: The weather in the Maldives is usually picture perfect: sunlit days, breezy nights, balmy mornings, and iridescent sunsets. The temperature hardly ever
changes – which makes packing for your holiday an easy task (see what to pack). With the average temperature at about 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, the sun
is a constant on most days, shining through treetops, creating lacy patterns on your feet, healing cold-bones with its warmth. Throughout the day, the sun will make itself
known, ensuring that it will be remembered and missed, like an old friend, as you pack up your suitcases to leave

Maldives has two distinct seasons; dry season (northeast monsoon) and wet season (southwest monsoon), with the former extending from January to March and the
latter from mid-May to November.

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