Bangalore- The Garden City

Expect to see lots of notebook toting, well-dressed confident young men and women on the streets of Bangalore, particularly in the vicinity of its numerous pubs and restaurants.

Bangalore, residents will tell you, has schanged in the past decade. One thing remains – ask a Bangalorean what they think about their city, and the answer will be “the best in the world”. There will be some gripes about the quality of air and crowded roads, but the pride is obvious.

Located in South India, Bangalore is not called the “air-conditioned city” without reason. Flanked by hill ranges on the east and west, the gentle breezes ensure the weather is pleasant all year round. The capital of the state of Karnataka, sometimes referred to as the “garden city”, Bangalore has recently acquired other aliases like the “Silicon Valley of India” and fastest growing city in Asia”. The unique metro, though a small town at heart, is a mixture of booking business and a racy lifestyle.

A business capital, some of the most prestigious names in the IT (information technology) industry, Bangalore is more than an active member of the dot-com boom sweeping India, giving tough competition to Hyderabad for the title of “IT capital of India”. As a result of its cosmopolitan nature, it attracts people from all over the globe.

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Bangalore stats:

  • Climate – One can visit the city anytime of the year and enjoy the salubrious climate but it is advisable to avoid the rainy season between July and September.
  • Getting there – The airport, primarily domestic, is about 15 km from MG Road.