Wedding Bells

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There are only a few occasions in life that are most meaningful, and, wedding is one of these truly special moments. A wedding is an important milestone, celebrating the love and commitment that unites two individuals as a couple. Your ceremony is the honoring of your unique and extraordinary relationship as you are going to start your life journey.

it is our mission to ensure all of your visions and dreams about your wedding day are realized. We believe that by working closely with you, we will co-create and design the perfect ceremony that is inspired by your love, values, and beliefs. Together we will endeavor in creating a ceremony that is meaningful and memorable for years to come.

Arranging your wedding venues and travel has never been easier and headache-free. We at Pick Your Trip provide you with your answer to wedding management and travel woes. Right from choosing the correct venue to arranging travel for your guests and the best honeymoon packages anywhere in the world for the newly weds.

At Pick Your Trip, we help you select the right venues for various functions your wedding will need – the sangeet, the wedding, the reception (or just about any ceremony you wish to celebrate with panache). We offer various comfortable and convenient travel and transport options for your guests.

The services we offer are:

  • Choice of Venue
  • Choice of Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Interior Decoration – Floral and Artificial
  • Hospitality and Public Relations
  • Travel and Conveyance
  • Hotel and Residential Facilities
  • Package Tours
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Event Management – Theme Specials
  • Recording and Transmission

Choice of Venue

We are geared up to provide you with the best of your choice in venue, from the traditional to the modern. We can make arrangements for the wedding at Hotels, Resorts, Ethnic Spots, Grounds, Marriage hall and even in unique locations like the beach, sandy deserts and others.

Choice of Catering

With the choicest cooks and caterers in the country we can make available the most traditional to the most exotic selection of cuisine. Using the most modern in catering technology, you can always be assured of the freshest and finest cuisine at any of your selected locations.


With our links in the entertainment industry we provide a choice of entertainers from folk, pop, instrumentals etc.We would also reccomend the best entertainment suited to every ocassion and event being organised.

Interior Decoration – Floral and Artificial

The interior of the venue had grown to become a science in itself. We enjoy the services of studio designers to ensure that you have the finest in interiors. So much so that our caterers are capable of producing fine sculptures from Ice and Vegetables to beautify the occasion.

Hospitality and Public Relations

In most cases it is found that local Conveyance and guest reception becomes a sour point of this joys occasion, but our PR devision is especially trained to handle this with panache.

Travel and Conveyance

We have a complete travel bureau at your disposal to cater to your travel requirements from and to any point of the globe.We help build your travel schedules in such a manner for you to enjoy the services of the best airlines while managing your time and costs.

Hotel and Residential Facilities

We are associated with a range of hotels in India and Overseas that allow you the benefit of availing package discounts at the locations of your choice.

Event Management – Theme Specials

No scheme without a theme. The Indian Prince, the Tribal Chief, the Lord of a Fief, the British Court or a simple Indian wedding. Your idea – our solution. We are there to put in any idea that you may have as a theme of the occasion. This is your day to be enjoyed and remembered, probably by generations to come. So why limit it to the regular, now is the time to be creative without the doubt of implementation.

Recording and Transmission

We understand that this is an occasion that needs to be recorded for posterity, and in all probability there are friends or relatives who are unable to attend the occasion. We are there to take this special day to their homes. With live recording and transmission over the world wide web, and local transmission to large screens at the venue we help ensure that nobody misses this event.