An Army Of Earth To Guard The Dead

An emperor in life followed by his army and subjects in death. The generals, infantry, cavalry, horses and chariots stand guard eternally in protection of their king. Life size, individual, seemingly alive, all frozen in time guarding a man long lost to this life.

Arrogance or brilliance? Dedication or slavery? You must decide. Whatever your decision may be the sheer magnitude of one man’s imagination cannot be denied. The skill of the craftsmen who created these individual figures that are real to the very last detail also cannot be denied.

The terracotta army of Emperor Qin in Xi’an was discovered by accident by some farmers digging a well. This army has the power to make a home in the imagination of every man and woman who hears of it. These artifacts that are more than 2000 years old are the only other artifacts apart from the wreck of the RMS Titanic that have the power to draw crowds simply by the mention of their name.

Will you be lured?