Frozen In Time

One day a man was going about his usual business in a small town called Pompeii in Itay. He was walking around the streets as he did everyday, then suddenly, he was dead and dead also were all the other inhabitants of Pompeii.

Mt Vesuvius had struck. Devastating the town and all that lived and moved within. It entombed an entire town, freezing it as it was, a museum for eternity. In all other places where we study an ancient civilisations we have to make guesses about the daily lives of the people for they died out or moved over time. But with Pompeii time itself has been captured.

We know exactly what people did, ate and drank. We know how they spent their leisure time, what they did for sport. For it is all there. All preserved by the horror committed by the eruption of mighty Mt Vesuvius. It really helps put in perspective the enormous power that mother nature holds at bay. We are lucky that we weren’t there when she chose to let her herself go free.

Yet we can see for ourselves in this dead town what nature can do when the mood takes her. So come an anomaly of all the rules of science here at Pompeii where history stands still.