Mystery In The English Countryside

Uncertainty about the Stonehenge is the only thing we know to be certain. Evidence suggests that it was built about 5000 years back and construction took about 1500 years between 3000 – 1000 BC.

They stand there in the middle of a field mammoth, gigantic, enormous (I could go on but must stop) and no one knows for certain what they are doing there. Theorists, geologists, archaeologists they all have their own theories but which is closest to the truth, none can say. It was a burial site, a place for the dead. A healing site, an astronomical instrument, aliens built it (a favourite when we cant find answers) but then these are mere speculations and no one concrete fact can be found to corroborate them.

This much, though, can be said for certain. They are old, very old, possibly one of the oldest man made structures on earth. They are massive with stones weighing up to 45 tonnes.

As one gazes at them they wonder how in the name of all that is holy (and some that is not) did these men with primitive tools manage to move these stones as far as 240 miles to get them to their resting place. The question of how they got them in position to align with the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset and also the southerly and northerly rising of the moon is something that weighs heavily on every mind.

To these numerous theories, why not add yours? Come and marvel at this ancient of ancient wonders. And if you can’t think of a new theory you can always align yourself with the ever popular, “The aliens did it”, theory. I know I would.