Surviving The Conquistadors

Built in the 15th century Machu Picchu was one set of the great Incan ruins that remained veiled from the eyes of the Conquistadors and such remained unspoiled from the destruction that they reigned down upon all other ruins and relics.

In an intriguing turn of events this massive, astronomically aligned city was built and then abandoned a hundred years later. The reasons remain unknown, one belief is that small pox may have wiped out the people of Inca.

The Incas believed that using mortar to build their building amounted to “shoddy” workmanship and this style was only used in the construction of less important buildings. Their important buildings were built only from stone blocks that were carved and cut to match each other perfectly. Thus resting on one another to such perfection that not even a blade of grass can grow between the blocks. This laborious and pain staking style of building also protected the buildings from the considerable seismic activity that occurs in the area.

The Incas had learnt to map the movement of the celestial bodies as well and the Intihuatana (Hitching post of the Sun) was used to map the movement of the sun. It is so accurate that on November 11 and January 30 the sun is directly overhead the Intihuatana and casts no shadow at all.

Heritage, lost civilisation, masonic wonder whatever be your reason for visiting Machu Picchu once there the incredible impact of the skill of this ancient people will leave you in awe.