The Demon City

Deep in the heart of the Gobi Desert in China lies a place called Moguicheng in the Xinjian province. The more one tries to find out about the place the less one learns. There are only a few facts that are known and all of them are eerie to say the least.

Moguicheng means the “City of the Devil”. In this most unusual place there are earth formations that look like castles. As one wonders who built these castles in the middle of nowhere one realises that these were not built by human hands but are the work of nature.

However, this is not one goes to this far flung place to see. In fact you do not go here to see anything. You go to hear a menacing array of sounds. On a normal calm day you can hear the sounds of hundreds or bells clanging and the rhythmic chiming of wind chimes. But as soon as the wind starts to blow and the overhead atmosphere changes to threaten a storm the sounds you hear also change in keeping with the weather.

The howling of wolves, roaring of lions, crying of babies and wailing woman can all be heard. There is no explanation of how these sounds are made or why they can be heard only when there is a certain kind of wind of lack there of.

Haunted? May be. There is only one way to find out and that is to come see for yourself.