The God Lines of Nazca

A desert. A south-American country. A civilisation long lost to the rigours of time. What remains are enormous etchings in the bosom of the earth, called the Nazca Lines. They are huge beyond imagination and can only be seen from great height. Some are seemingly random geometric lines while others form gigantic shapes of birds, reptiles, spiders, monkeys and so on.

The mystery behind how they have survived for so long has been solved. Trenches were dug to remove the upper layer of gravel from the soil exposing the white limestone below. This formed crusts over time giving a permanency to the lines. The mystery that remains unsolved is why they were made in the first place. Were they to appease the great gods above? Were they ceremonial? Sacrificial? Navigational? Astronomical charts? The questions continue to confound us.

The biggest question is how did these primitive people get their mathematics right to “draw” these figures accurately? What did they use to guide them? The stars? After all these lines are supposed to have been made between 400 and 650 AD. Like always the “aliens” have also figured into the various explanations for the existence of these lines. The most popular one being that these lines were made to act as landing strips for visitors from beyond.

You too should come and see these god lines, if nothing else simply to marvel at the brilliance of the civilisation. But beware, if you come with theories and looking for answers you shall not find them here.