The Moai of Rapa Nui

A desolate island with a tragic history of devastation, starvation and near extinction of its people and culture. Wonder stares you in the face as you gaze upon the Maoi (stone statues) found on this remote island in the Pacific Ocean. The Maoi statues are a testament of marvelous creations, human endeavour and ingenuity with primitive tools. They are also testament to the fact that greatness comes at a price. Here on the Rapa Nui the price paid was deforestation, famine, civil war and complete and utter dissolution of a way of a way of life.

But what has survived is concrete fact that the Rapa Nui people lived. Over 887 Maoi statues are on display. Some on the island and some in museums around the world. The history of the Rapa Nui has been wiped out, mostly by missionaries that came to convert the indigenous people and to civilise them. The little that remains cannot be deciphered for the language died with the last Rapa Nui.

Today these mammoth statues that were built in honour of the Rapa Nui’s ancestors, who were suppose to protect them from all manner of calamities are still protecting the island.

One could pass it off as pagan mambo-jambo but the Maoi have survived and with them the evidence of a brilliant people has survived.