Colombo, Srilanka

Colombo, Srilanka


Colombo is the capital city of the island country of Sri Lanka just south of India. Sri Lanka is also one of the places where the main action of the legend of Ramayana unfolds. It was considered to be the home of Ravana the King who kidnapped Queen Sita, wife of Lord Ram. What ensues is a massive war that saw the defeat of Ravana and the safe return of Lord Ram and Sita to their home. However, Ravana is revered akin to a God in Sri Lanka as he was a multifaceted man, blessed by the Gods and had the intelligence of ten men.

Colombo is a beautiful and interesting city to visit for a weekend that is also not very far from anywhere in India. Colombo not only offers a complex mix of people and cultures but also in its cuisine and night life. This coastal city comes alive at night and even has some places open till dawn. For those looking to live the high life can try their luck at one of the local casinos.

There are also a wide variety of cultural and historical places and centres to visit along with the zoological garden. If travelling with family this would a good way for the kids to get to know and understand the culture of the Sri Lankans.
Take a leap across the Rama Setu and discover Sri Lanka.