Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has everything a person needs for a nice long relaxing weekend. Sun kissed beaches and strikingly blue, calm waters where you could swim for hours and not know where the time went. Phuket is an 8 hour flight from New Delhi and perfect place for a long weekend getaway.

If you are in the mood for or a shopping buff Phuket, Thailand will set your heart on fire! There is something here to satisfy everyone. The term “beach bumming” comes to mind as well. You can lie on the soft sunny beaches for hours and not worry about getting toasted.

It is also a destination that offers an amazing night life and clubbing culture for those looking to unwind with a bit of oomph. The foodies will find that the city is a paradise there are street vendors that provide a wide variety for food, some of which only the bravest and the bold venture out to sample. It also provides some of the best gourmet cuisines available on the planet.

Those wanting to sightsee can walk the streets and absorb the many Buddhist and Hindu temples that dot the city. Phuket is mainly a Buddhist state and the essence of the religion is reflected in the mannerisms of the people who are friendly and polite.

So getaway for a weekend, leave behind your cares and trials enjoy and come back rejuvenated.