Singapore is one of the most popular destinations with tourists. It has booming economy and a paradise for tourists and shoppers. It is said that the major pass time of the locals is shopping and food. You cannot go wrong with a philosophy like that. A traveller can take in the sights of the uber modern city, shop and take a break by eating at some of the best restaurants and street vendors.

Singapore is an island that is a city-state and also the only city-state to be an island. There are many other islands under the Singaporean nation and one such is Santosa. It is an island resort that includes attractions like 5-star hotels, restaurants, an underwater aquatic centre and the Singapore branch of Universal Studios Theme Park.

Singapore also has casinos on land for those wishing to try their hand with lady luck. With attractions such as these it is hard for tourists to stay away from this nation and rightly so they flock to it. There is nothing but merriment and ecstasy to be found in this nation. When do you pack your bags and loosen your money belts?