Bear It All

bear-it-all-bigVenture out of the confines of your home and discover a different world in this northern ice desert. The Polar bear has always been a fascinating creature. They are massive, they look cuddly and yet they are deadly. They swim hundreds of miles in search of food and they sleep for nearly half a year.

You, dear traveller, have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with these mystical creatures. Sitting in the safety of your Tundra vehicle you can see the bears go about their daily activity as if you were watching a squirrel in your backyard. You can see them get close enough to touch as you sit and have your dinner. An experience that can be terrifying and sublime both at the same time.

In this cold unforgiving land where all animals are furry beyond reason the bears are not the only fascinating animals to watch out for. The elusive Arctic Fox is another furry delight. And at the end of your wild encounters you can sit down with the locals and savour the gourmet delights the region has to offer or even learn how to make traditional clothes from animal skins.