Life On Darwin’s Island Of Evolution

life-on-darwins-island-of-evolution-bigDarwin, a man with an idea, an idea that changed the way we look at ourselves. And where, might you ask, did he get this mind altering, sending scientists into a frenzy, idea? Well he got the idea of evolution on the Galapagos Islands.
These volcanic islands sent Darwin’s brain into a frenzy and they are sure to do similar things to yours. One might also ask, “what is there to see on these seemingly arid, volcanic islands other than the famous finches?”

These islands have so much flora and fauna on offer that the finches will be the ones least one your mind. First off there are the two types of iguanas (land and marine) and the lava lizards. I mention them first because try as you may you wont be able to get short of them. They are everywhere (after all it is their island) and just as you might take your eye of the trail to admire a penguin or a giant turtle (not any ordinary turtle at that but a giant turtle), you might trip up on one of the various lizards.

So if like me you are petrified of this particular species of reptile you might think about some mediation techniques to keep the creepy feeling away.

The sea lions will also be there to take your mind off things. You will spend hours admiring these cute and gentle creatures going about their business and then wonder where the time went. You can also admire the only penguin found in equatorial waters.

There is also enough bird life here to make the most skeptical of persons turn into an avid birdwatcher. The only flightless cormorant in the world he found here, the waved albatross, blue footed boobies, the frigatebird and obviously the ever famous finches.

The only decision that remains to be made is whether you want to indulge in a walking tour or an uber-luxury cruise.