Unique Life On The Island Continent

unique-life-on-the-island-continent-bigA long, long time ago before the advent of humans, our earth was an adolescent. She evolved from being a hot and violent being into a more calm and sober entity that we know today. Somewhere along this journey of hers a great piece of land broke away and in isolation survived her great tantrums. In isolation it remained till the 17th century.

Today we call this land Australia and here over the millenia and centuries that the isolation of this continent continued it developed and preserved some of the most unique animal life on the planet. Here on this continent you can find specimens of life that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. From flightless birds like the emu to animals that carry their babies in pouches like the kangaroo and the Tasmanian devil.

Here also can be found that ever mysterious creature called the duck-billed platypus. A mammal so unique that when it was first presented to scientists outside of Australia they thought it was a practical joke being played on them and that this animal had been put together using parts from other animals.

I also must make mention of that one animal other than the kangaroo which has almost become a symbol of Australia, the Koala bear (its not really a bear though). This cute and cuddly, eucalyptus eating animal has managed it wriggle its way into the hearts of people around the world.

It is difficult for me to even imagine why anyone would want to deprive themselves of this wondrous miracle of the nature that can be found in Australia. So are you depriving yourself or are you bold enough to come and see remnants of prehistoric life that are still surviving in this modern world?