Wander In The Lungs Of The Earth

wander-in-the-lungs-of-the-earth-bigA rain forest so large that if the entire area was one country it would be the ninth largest in the world. Nearly 10% of all the species known to the world live in here. Enough with the facts, lets get down to the serious business of the creature that is the Amazon jungle.

Just the word Amazon has the power to haunt your very dreams. And as you say the name you picture the piranha, jaguar, spider monkey, tree frogs, gigantic crocs and of course the ever menacing anaconda.

So be bold, take a leap of faith and come swim with the pink dolphins and the piranha (they are harmless, really). If that is not your thing you can always canoe on the Amazon river or take a cruise and discover these magnificent creatures from a safe distance. Just remember that a visit to the Amazon requires one to walk in the jungle, there are no safe safaris in the wild here.

But you mustn’t worry about your safety there will be local guides with you at all times who will happily impart all the knowledge they have garnered over the years to you. They will also share with you their knowledge of the various medicinal plants found in the Amazon (remember that movie “The Medicine Man” with Sean Connery). Just like him you will get to sleep in hammocks out under the canopy of the trees.